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The Leeds Plumber provides Landlord and Homeowner Gas Safety Certificates to all areas of Leeds and West Yorkshire.

All rental properties are required by the Gas Safety Regulations to hold a valid Gas Safety Record (CP12 form). This law covers all rental properties for Leeds Plumbing and the West Yorkshire Area.

A gas safety check is required by law annually and must be issued by a Gas Safe® Registered Engineer, such as us here at The Leeds Plumber. All gas appliances in the property must be checked and the tenants have a right to be handed the Gas Safety Record by law.

This legislation was introduced to increase safety levels in the use of gas in domestic and commercial situations. Gas can be dangerous if not maintained and managed correctly. The Gas Safety Certificate and the Landlord Gas safety certificate process has the level of gas maintenance improve immensely, not just in Leeds and West Yorkshire but the whole of the United Kingdom.

During your annual required Leeds Gas Safe inspection we will:

1. Ensure appliances are functioning correctly, and no carbon monoxide is being exhausted dangerously
2. Ensure safety mechanisms are operating as expected
3. Make sure all ventilation paths are clear with no obstructions
4. Ensure dangerous gases are being removed safely
5. Various other secondary inspections.

Gas safety Certificates in Leeds and Surrounding areas

Gas Safety Certificates in Leeds and Surrounding areas

Once successfully complete your Gas Safety certificate will detail all of the following:

-The address of the property that we inspected in Leeds
-Any defects which have been identified and the action which has been taken to rectify any problems
-The registration number, name and signature of the engineer who performs the inspection, which is an element required by law to ensure the gas engineer conducting the Gas Safety Certificate is properly certified and registered.
-The name of the Landlord and their address
-A description of each appliance/flue that has been inspected by the gas engineer

If you are a landlord, you are held responsible by the Gas Safety Laws to ensure all gas appliances, flues and fittings in the property are deemed safe and working correctly. We are the Plumber in Leeds to help you with this ongoing Gas Safe responsibility.

Poor maintenance and safety checks can result in extremely dangerous carbon monoxide being leaked. For example, if your flue is operating incorrectly, it will not be efficiently removing the resulting gases from combustion. These gases can remain inside the home and be breathed in by the occupants. This is why these Landlord Gas Safety Certificates are so important and every landlord in Leeds and West Yorkshire is required to have them done.

Your Landlords Gas Safety check must be completed every 12 months. You will need a Gas Safe Registered Plumber in Leeds, such as the Leeds Plumber to carry out this work as a physical inspection is required.

You must ensure the regular maintenance and repairs of flues, appliances, pipework in the property. This only applies to appliances you supply to your tenant. If your tenants have their own gas appliances, this is their responsibility to ensure the safety of, not yours.

As a landlord, you must give a copy of the gas safety certificate to your tenant within 28 days from the certificate being completed by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Again, this step is required under the law. We will provide you with a paper copy as well as a digital copy of your Landlord Gas Safety Certificate if you require. We understand that not all landlords are based in Leeds, so this digital service has been popular with our landlords living elsewhere who need their Leeds Gas Safety Certificates delivered. This can make it easier for you to provide your tenants a copy if you communicate normally over email.

We always ensure that we work around you and your needs through the Gas Safety Certificate Process, quality customer service is how we got our reputation as the best Plumber in Leeds.

Our Gas Safety Certificate Prices are fixed. With the Leeds Plumber, you will know exactly how much your Gas Safety Certificate will cost for any property in the Greater Leeds Area.

Our plumbing and Gas engineers are fully Gas Safe Registered, so you can rest assured that all aspects of your Gas Safety Certificate Inspection are being carried out in the most full and complete manner by the most trusted plumbers in Leeds, UK.

There are many questions landlords and homeowners have about Gas Safety Certificates. Below we have answered many of the most common questions we receive through our Gas Safety Certificate Work throughout Leeds.

Gas Safety Certificates in Leeds

Gas Safety Certificates in Leeds

What if my property fails the Gas Safety Certificate Inspection? What does a verdict of ‘Not to current standards’ (NCS) on a gas appliance mean exactly?

A: During the gas inspection, dangerous situations may be encountered which, as accredited gas engineers in Leeds, we are legally obligated to make safe. This can result in an appliance been ‘capped’ or disconnected from the gas supply to make the situation safe. The Leeds Plumber gas engineer conducting your gas safety certificate inspection will explain to you why we have had to take immediate action to disconnect the appliance in question.

It is a requirement under the law that we do so in dangerous circumstances. There is no charge for an appliance to be capped if a dangerous situation is encountered. We will not conduct any work on the appliance, we will simply do what is legally required to make the situation safe while you decide what to do.

If you wish, we can provide you with costings to carry out the required repairs to rectify the dangerous situation. You are not obligated to have the work carried out by us. You will need to have the work done by someone in order to pass the legal gas safety certificate requirements under the law.

We do not want to fail appliances to quote on repairs. If the property is safe, your certificate will pass the inspection. The vast majority of gas certificates the Leeds plumber conduct all over Leeds pass their gas safety certificate inspections. The purpose of the law in relation to these inspections is to ensure dangerous situation are found and corrected.

Reports may contain references to an appliance (or an aspect of the installation) being ‘Not To Current Standards’ which is abbreviated to ‘NCS’. This usually means that since installation the regulations have been updated and the previous appliance or installation does not meet current standards. This will not cause your gas certificate to fail but will contain advice on remedial work required. You can then decide on the recommended remedial actions, it is up to you.

Q: What are my responsibilities in relation to Gas Safety as a Landlord renting my property to the general public?
A: Firstly, all checks (and potential repairs) must be carried out by a registered Gas Safe business, like ourselves. This extends to rental properties, housing associations, private sector properties, bed and breakfasts, chalets, flats, cottages and caravans.

You must provide maintenance of all pipework, flues and appliances which you have supplied. If the tenant has provided their appliances, you are not responsible for them, but you would be responsible for the gas pipework supplying the appliance. Appliances should be serviced in regulation with the manufacturers’ instructions. For boilers this is usually annually, it is wise and provides a cost saving to do both the Gas Safety Certificate Inspection and any other servicing requirements such as annual boiler servicing at the same time. Contact The Leeds Plumber about this.

You are legally required to have a gas safety inspection performed on an annual basis to ensure they are operating safely, and the installation is up to a safe standard.

It is also good practice to explain to your tenants where the gas can be disabled from. Leaving clear written and diagrammatic instructions for your tenants on the issue is a good idea, as it can be easily forgotten in an emergency or if the person who received the original instructions is not in the house at the time the knowledge is required.

Q: As a letting agent, what are my legal requirements with regards to gas safety inspections?
You must by law, ensure that you and the landlord are clear on who is responsible for the annual gas safety checks. This is usually explained and stated in the contract that you put together with the landlord.

As the agent, you must ensure this is clear between you and the landlord. There are issues of liability if the checks are not conducted as per the legal requirements. Do not overlook these requirements. It is an essential service that needs to be addressed.

If you are in doubt of the properties gas installation, you must inform the landlord. You need to work with the landlord to ensure all obligation are met under the Gas Safety Certificate requirements. You must also ensure the company or person doing the inspection is Gas Safe registered. Give us a call to discuss any issue you have as a letting agent in relation to the Gas Safety Certificates and other Gas maintenance for your landlords.

We have dealt with most things and are very well versed in the needs of landlords and rental agents in terms of meeting the legal obligations of gas safety certificates in Leeds, but also on the needs of maintenance of plumbing systems such as boilers that need annual servicing. Having your landlords on our maintenance roster can take away a lot of scheduling headache you go through as a letting agent. So give us a call about it, the Leeds plumber can help.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates in Leeds

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates in Leeds

Q: Can you remind me when my next gas safety certificate is due?
A: Yes. When we complete a gas certificate at the Leeds plumber, you will be notified a month from when the next one is due. We usually do this via email. If we don’t hear from you we will text and call, as we know emails are easy to miss sometimes.

Our property owner reminder and maintenance program goes well beyond reminding you of your Gas Safety Certificate due dates, we can also monitor and schedule your annual boiler servicing and note any plumbing issues we noted last time to check on while we do your annual Gas Safety Certificate inspection this year, just to check any issues have not developed further.

Our aim is that our customers never have to think or worry about their plumbing and regulated landlord gas safety certificate requirements, we handle the process for them.

Q: How long does a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate inspection take with the Plumber in Leeds?
A: Usually between 30-45 minutes, depending on the number of gas appliances in the property that are required by law to be inspected.

Q: How can I check the Gas Engineer visiting my property is Gas Safe Registered?
A: All our Gas Engineers at The Leeds Plumber are Gas Safe Registered. All Gas Safe registered Gas Engineers and Plumbers will have a unique Gas Safe ID card that they must have on them when they are conducting Gas Safe related work. You can also ask to see their Gas Safe I.D cards on arrival, our Gas Engineer will be most happy to provide you with this Gas Safe Registration.

Q: Can I receive a digital copy of the Gas Certificate?
A: Yes, absolutely. Please let a member of staff know you would like a digital copy when booking in the gas certificate appointment with us at the Leeds Plumber. Once the certificate is completed we will send you a digital copy for your records.

Q: As a Landlord should I install a carbon monoxide alarm?
A: Yes, It is highly recommended you do. They are cheap and can save lives. They are not a substitute for an annual gas safety inspection. You still need to conduct your Gas Safety Certificate. You can usually pick up a carbon monoxide alarm for around £10.00 or so here in Leeds. Ensure the alarm you purchase comply with British Standard EN 50291 and have a British/European approval mark.

Most Carbon Monoxide Alarms that you will find for sale here in Leeds will be of the correct standard, it is still wise to check. If you have any questions about your Carbon Monoxide Alarm here in Leeds, give us at the Leeds Plumber to get some advice, we really are the local plumbing Carbon Monoxide Alarm Experts in Leeds.

Q: What areas of Leeds do you carry out Gas Certificates in?
A: All areas including all areas of Leeds, Holbeck, Oakwood, Morley, Pudsey, Chapel Allerton, Horsforth, Headingley, and Otley. Our local plumbing team covers the entire Leeds Area. We will be able to handle your Gas Safety Certificate in Leeds.

Q: What do I do if my tenant won’t allow access to the property for the gas safety certificate inspection to be completed?
A: Your tenancy agreement or contract should state you are allowed to access the property for necessary safety checks to be conducted. If you are struggling to gain access to the property you should document all your attempts including letters sent. This will show your efforts in seeking to gain access. A Tenant will not be permitted to block the law being followed. It is after all, a law for their own safety and protection. If they are blocking you following the law in relation to Gas Safety Certificate requirements, it is very important you demonstrate how you have tried to comply.

Q: Does the Gas Safety Inspection include servicing of appliances?
A: No, it doesn’t. This is a common misunderstanding. The gas safety check only includes inspection of the properties gas installation and appliances, including checking for any leaks and testing safety devices are working correctly. This also includes checking the flue, ventilation and checking the gas is being combusted correctly.

A standard certificate does not include any repairs which we may recommend. Servicing, for example, a boiler service, is recommended for keeping the boiler in good working order and is a separate service to the gas safety inspection. Before The Leeds Plumber attends your property we will discuss with you if you would like your annual boiler serving done at the same time as the inspection. This is a great idea, you kill two birds with one stone and save money as we are already there on site.

As we are already on site with your gas safety certificate inspection, it makes sense to have us do the boiler servicing at the same time. Again, we will discuss this with you before we attend to your Gas Safety Inspection and also discuss out property maintenance schedule which can save you money on your property plumbing needs by us knowing in advance and being able to handle all your annual plumbing needs. With the Leeds Plumber having scheduled your plumbing requirements, you won’t need to worry about it. It will all be in our hands.

Q. Will you do a check of the non-gas related plumbing while you are at my property?

Yes – this is a FREE service we offer our Gas safety certificate client’s in Leeds. We will do a look over your sinks and basins, the pipes under them and check for any common issues such as leaking taps or obvious water damage your tenants may not have noticed or mentioned to you.

We won’t conduct any work without consulting you first, we will let you know if we find anything though. We aim to give our customers the very best plumbing service in Leeds by going above and beyond. Helping our customers identify possible future plumbing issues that can be fixed before they become expensive emergencies is part of our service. Speak to us if there is something specific you want us to check while we are at your property.

We know it is not always easier to gain access to rental properties and a set of professional plumbing eyes taking a once over on your pipes is something to take advantage of while you have us in the property. Call us at the Leeds Plumber to discuss your plumbing needs, don’t just wait for an emergency, avoid the emergency.

Q: Must I pay for the gas safety inspection if my property fails the inspection?
A: Yes. The certificate will detail what requires being done for the certification to pass. All properties are required to be up to standard and to pass the gas safe inspections. We can discuss what needs to be done with you to have the property to the level for it to pass the Landlords Gas Safety Inspections.

Q: I have multiple rental properties in Leeds and would like gas inspections carried out on all of them with a single point of contact. Do you offer bulk discount for landlords with numerous properties in Leeds and surrounding areas?
A: Yes. We deal with many larger landlords and we handle their Gas Safety Certificates as well as their general plumbing maintenance requirements throughout the year. Give us a call to discuss your properties with us.

Gas Safety Certificate Gas Engineers in Leeds

Gas Safety Certificate Gas Engineers in Leeds

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Our Gas Certificate Inspections are available to all areas of Leeds and West Yorkshire, including Chapel Allerton, Horsforth, Alwoodley, Headingley and Otley, just to name a few. Basically, if your property is in the Greater Leeds Area, we at the Leeds Plumber cover your property and can have Gas Safe registered Gas Engineer specialist on our Leeds plumbing team, to cover all your Gas Safety Certificates as well as all your plumbing and heating needs in Leeds. Give us a call on 0113 328 1191

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Gas Safety Certificate in Leeds
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