Underfloor Heating in Leeds

Leeds Plumber is your highly trained and ultra-professional underfloor heating specialist.

With over 15 years experience installing the most complex and luxurious underfloor heating systems in the Greater Leeds area you can rest assured, we’ll leverage this experience for your project.

Best of all? We pride ourselves on our fair invoicing policy. As members of the wonderful Leeds Community we’re dedicated to our local area so we work hard, fast and to an excellent standard for a fair price.

What is Under Floor Heating?

Underfloor heating is much more efficient than traditional radiator systems. Its a system where warm water is circulated under the flooring through looped pipes resting just beneath the floor, resulting in a large radiant surface with the whole floor becoming the heating source. Underfloor Heating uses lower temperature water and is ideal for use with modern condensing boilers and heat pumps.

Underfloor Heating in Leeds

Underfloor heating is really taking off in Leeds in a big way and we’ve noticed a 350% uplift in underfloor heating installs these past 18 months. Not only can underfloor heating be more efficient (resulting in lower energy bills) it’s also really warm, snug and cosy in even the smallest of rooms.

Imagine swinging your feet out of bed on those cold and frosty mornings, only for the soles of your feet to feel beautiful radiant warmth… Mrs Leeds Plumber is a huge fan!

How Much is UnderFloor Heating

The cost of underfloor heating in Leeds varies with a number of different factors such as, the size of the room, the type of flooring, the pump system used and the cost of installation.

Our underfloor heating experts in Leeds can assist you at all stages with your project.

Get us involved in the planning stages and we can make recommendations about which system ti use and of course provide you with a free estimate on how much it’s going to cost all in for the installation.

We can also source the materials on your behalf from our trusted plumbers merchants is that you pay trade process as opposed to the high street.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating Systems, when correctly installed by the Leeds Plumber will save you between 17-33% on your heating bill through making the switch to a more efficient and compatible renewable energy sources.

By controlling the warmth wherever you choose you have the freedom to design your rooms and spaces without dated and old fashioned radiators, which also removes pesky dust mites and grime build up in the hard to reach spots behind the heating units.

The Leeds Plumber Underfloor Heating Service

Many clients buy underfloor heating kits with the intention of installing themselves on a DIY basis, which is always commendable and its good to see so many individuals and professionals rising to the challenge of working on what can be a technical piece of plumbing. Indeed, we’ve noticed an increasing number of plumbers and even builders getting involved in installing under floor heating.

This makes it even more imperative to use the right installer, with the right experience which is where we come in.

If you don’t fancy taking up the challenge of ripping up your floor to install a heating system then please do contact us in the first instance. We’re Leeds Locals and have both male and female plumbers on hand to complete your under floor heating installation.

Why Choose The Leeds Plumber to Install your Under Floor Heating

Opting for your underfloor heating system to be installed The Leeds Plumber will prove to be a wise and cost effective choice.

With over 15+ years experience in carrying out some of the most complex under floor installations in the UK we were among one of the first of the Great British Trades to become expert in under floor heating systems.

We have been regularly called upon to fit out Stately Homes, Castles, Luxury Hotels, Gyms and we ere proud to install the underfloor heating in the Olympic Village in 2012. We’re also called upon when the hit TV show ‘Changing Rooms’ is in the Leeds area.

All our Leeds plumbing engineers have a positive “can do attitude”, with our experts ensuring your project is completed on time, on budget and to the highest standard.

How Long Does it take to Install Underfloor Heating

Depending on the size of the project The Leeds Plumber will give you a realistic ‘warts and all’ estimate of the time its going to take to complete an end-to-end install. We try to minimize disruption to our clients at all points so will work closely with you to work out the times that work best for you.

How Does the Leeds Plumber Quote for Underfloor Heating Installs

Our underfloor heating quotes for a standard installation include: Manifold assembly and installation, laying of the under floor heating pipes, filling and pressure testing of the system including adjusting flow rates, boiler connections are included due to our expertise and qualifications and if we need any electrical work we’ll call on a trusted colleague. If needed, we’ll lay screeds and fit insulation.

Contact us today on 0113 328 1191 or fill out the form below and we’ll have one of our friendly experts take a look at your project, with no obligation.

Underfloor Heating Installation in Leeds
Underfloor Heating Installation in Leeds
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