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We at the Leeds Plumber are Wet Floor and Wet Room Experts.  We have installed hundreds of Wet Rooms and are big fans of this bathroom concept.  The designs possible from a Wet room style bathroom are stunning and can work for the smallest of spaces as well.

Wet Floors and Wet Rooms are terms used to describe a bathroom where the shower cubicle is done away with and replaced with an open type shower on a flat floor.  Also known as walk-in Showers, Wet rooms and wet floors are generally cheaper, give a more spacious result and incredibly stylish.

In a wet room, it is imperative to ensure that your floor is properly sealed as water will be flowing directly onto your floor tiles.  These types of floors are called Wet Floors and we at the Leeds Plumber are experts in Wet Floors.

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Wet Floor Bathroom Experts in Leeds

Wet Room Bathroom Experts in Leeds, the Best Wet Floor Bathrooms in Leeds

What is a Wet Floor Bathroom?

A wet floor type shower is usually separated from the rest of the bathroom by a glass door/wall arrangement or a curtain.  Still, the floor of your bathroom flows under it.  Thus the need for a properly installed wet floor.

A wet room is a great way to add a second bathroom to your property if you are considering a renovation.  They are quick to add and can turn a small space into a desirable and more spacious feeling bathroom.

Can I DIY a Wet Floor or Wet Room?

Installing a wet room is absolutely not a DIY project.  Unlike some other plumbing work that you could do yourself without great risk to your property, a Wet room or Wet Floor should not ever be attempted by anyone other than a qualified professional.

How does Gradient Effect a Wet Room Floor?

To work correctly the gradient of the floors involved must be precise.  The slightest error and you will have water pooling in the corners of your bathroom leaking to constant hassles with water removal and leading to longer-term damage if not corrected.  Correcting such an error will be costly.

How does Waterproofing Impact a Wet Room Floor?

Secondly, the waterproofing of your wet floor must be perfect.  You need to consider that water will be falling directly onto your floor, rather than into a pre-sealed shower cubicle which is standard in other shower and bathroom options.  This means any fault in your wet floor will result in water leaking through your bathroom floor and into your under floors, your ground floor ceiling, your electricals, your foundations and causing enormous costly damage to your property.

This can occur from many possible faults that are common in DIY efforts, such as simply not setting the wet floor correctly, pooling water from incorrect gradients, imperfectly sealed drain pipes, cracks, slightly miss -mixed bonding agents and many more seemingly small gaps in expertise that lead to big hassles and costs down the road.

Are Wet Floor Bathrooms good for Small Bathroom Spaces?

As stated before, there are other areas of plumbing to explore your DIY ambitions, Wet Floors are not one of them.  The benefits of a Wet Floor done well are many.  They truly lead to the most beautiful bathrooms and open up a pokey bathroom and add more value to a home, while being the cheaper option.  I highly recommend Wet Room style bathrooms.

What are other benefits of a Wet Floor Bathroom?

Most properties are perfect for installation of a wet room, and when done correctly a wet room actually provides more protection against future leaks than a standard bathroom installation.  Give us a call and we will come and give you an expert opinion on the suitability of your bathroom for a wet floor as well as share our expertise on design.

We have installed hundreds of Wet Rooms across leads and can give advice on layout, design options, tiling, lighting, manufacturers and ways you can get the overall result you are after for the best possible price for the quality.

Call Us with your Wet Floor project, whatever stage you are currently at, your wet room project will be better for having us on board.

Wet Floor Bathrooms in Leeds

Luxury Wet Room Bathrooms in Leeds

Bathroom Installations of Wet Room and Wet Floor bathrooms
Bathroom Installations of Wet Room and Wet Floor bathrooms
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